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SimEx specialises in running Poverty Simulations in New Zealand

A Poverty Simulation helps people understand global poverty issues through experiential learning. Participants do not simply hear a talk or watch a presentation about world concerns. They ‘step into the shoes’ of those in need by meeting, first hand, some of the challenges they face.

Participants work to survive, they must earn enough to pay for rent, food, sanitation, medical needs and, if they are fortunate, education. Those that cannot make it end up in the hands of a loan shark. This throws participants into the hopelessness and intricacy of the poverty web and inspires them to action.


Students at this Christchurch school experience what it's like for the two-thirds world who live in poverty.
The experience fitted perfectly into the Humanities Curriculum at the school.

Leaders of a group that underwent a SimEx poverty simulation talk about the impact it had on the members of the group.
"The simulation was a catalyst  for a lot of kids to start thinking..."

What do those in the Western world understand about living in poverty? These people are about to find out.

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